How to Upgrade your Onboarding with New Hire Kits

Upgrade Onboarding with New Hire Kits

You may have heard of, seen, or even received new hire kits whether at your office or on social media. A new hire kit, also referred to as an onboarding kit, is a package used as a gift for new employees as they begin their position at a new organization. They’re intended to make the new employee feel welcomed and motivate them as they embark on their new journey at a company.  New hire kits can be as simple as branded office supplies or as extravagant as luxury apparel.

There has been an increasing emphasis on company pride and culture, and these new hire kits are the perfect way to encourage that pride! Many of our clients have been asking for our help in making their very own customized new hire kits, and we think you need one too!

Here are a few of our favorite items to feature in new hire kits (and they’re customer favorites, too!)

Office Supplies

christies onboarding kit
Arrow onboarding kit

Give your new hires everything they need to succeed at work with some branded office supplies! Here are some items you could include: 

  • Pens: to add some enthusiasm when jotting notes down
  • Notebook: to document thoughts and findings on a decorative, branded surface
  • Mousepad: to navigate your computer with ease and spirit whether in-office or working remotely!
  • Flash Drive: to store important files and reassure the newcomer that their documents are valued and safe.

Leisure Items

arrow phone wallets
Wiley interns shirts

​No company is all work and no play--show your fun side with these items:

  • Stickers & Decals:or some company enthusiasm and brand awareness!
  • Phone accessories like cases, popsockets, phone wallets: increase your phone practicality with these helpful and convenient accessories!
  • Apparel: Branded polo, jacket, hat, t-shirt - nothing says team like branded matching apparel!

Convenience Products

wynns 80th backpack
arrow umbrella

Include items that your employees can use in the office or out for their connivence and to give your brand more exposure:

  • Umbrella: For flaunting your company spirit on rainy days
  • Backpack: A nice bag or backpack is a perfect gift, especially if this person is going to be traveling or commuting often for their new role. 
  • Water Bottle/coffee mug: Make employees feel like home with branded drinkware!

A Personal Touch:

Heineken custom promotional products
Live nation speaker

It’s a great idea to have your company’s industry/purpose incorporated into the theme of your new hire kits. That way, your kit is even more personalized. For example:

  • A company in the entertainment industry may want to include customized speakers and headphones. 
  • A member of the food and beverage industry might look into koozies or insulated drinkware.
  • A tech start-up might add a versatile multi-cord charger or a custom shaped power bank.

If you want to get even more personal, add a handwritten note expressing your enthusiasm toward having that new member on the team. It will mean a lot to the employee and establish a strong foundation between them and the organization.  

As you can see, there are tons of ways to make a new hire kit your own. Arrow Promotional is dedicated to making creative and unique new hire kits that perfectly represent your company. Have an idea for your next new hire kit? Contact us! We’d be happy to take your vision and make it a reality.

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