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The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused many companies to work from home. Luckily, technology makes this very feasible for numerous industries, but what can we provide our employees to make the transition easier?  We spoke to both long time remote employees and employees working remotely for the first time to see what the popular products would make working from home easier.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is necessary for our immune systems, so it is especially important during a global pandemic. It is easy to forget this, especially if we are dealing with huge changes in our routines. Keeping a water bottle by your workstation is a great way to start drinking more water. Promotional water bottles come in all different sizes, colors, and materials--making them super customizable to your brand!

Arrow Promotional Fill Up Water Bottle
Arrow Promotional Water Bottle


Coffee is a must whether you are in the office or not! Send your employees the gift of caffeine with these branded stainless steal tumblers. They are designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. That means that during your video conference meetings, this tumbler will keep your coffee warm no matter how long it lasts. Add an extra special touch by including some coffee from a local shop in the package, showing support for both your employees and locally owned businesses! 

Arrow Promotional Tumbler
Arrow Promotional Tumbler 2

Notebooks & Pens

Notebooks and pens are absolute necessities for working from home! This hardcover journal and plastic ballpoint pen are perfect to take notes and make your to-do lists to keep you productive. There are tons of ways to customize notebooks and make them more unique to your brand such as custom molded clasps, embossing, branded fore edging, sleeves and more!

Arrow Promotional New Hir Kit Notebook-pen-tumbler
Arrow Promotional Notebook Customization
Arrow Promotional Delta Notebook


When working from home, there can often be more distractions in place. Between roommates, family members, children, neighbors and pets; some might need a way to stay focused. Putting on headphones can block some of the noise around you--whether your employees  need to focus on a report or hear someone presenting a meeting, headphones are a great item to make working from home a little easier. Headphones are also a great product because there is a great range of types and price points! Give custom molded headphones like these Heineken headphones, or more simple but high tech bluetooth headphones, or more budget friendly and traditional options like these Voss headphones.

Heineken Headphones Arrow Promotional
Bluetooth Headphones Arrow Promotional
Arrow Promotional Voss Headphones

Tech Kits

Our tech kit is a great asset for a remote employee and an awesome example of how highly customized your promotional products can be when you work with Arrow Promotional. The full-color branded kit features a custom-shaped portable charger, USB, and squid cable. We can make these shapes anything you'd like to represent your company, as you can see in the photos below!  On top of that, the kit opens up to a tri-fold panel where we can add any graphics or text that you'd like. All of the items are very useful for the remote employee and the packaging adds extra pizazz when they receive it! 

Arrow Promotional Messer Tech Kit

Lap Desks

In this day in age, most people’s computers at home are laptops. Laptops are usually not great long term working computers because their positioning promotes bad posture. If you are not able to provide your employees with desktop computers in a long term remote situation or if they will only be temporarily remote, a lap desk can be used to position a laptop on a desk or a lap in the same way a desktop computer would be positioned. Additionally, if your employees do not have an at home office or kitchen table (Looking at you, NYC apartments!) a lap desk like this can turn any area into a desk!

Lap Desk Arrow Promotional
Wooden Lap Desk Arrow Promotional

Mouse and Mousepads

Along with posture and positioning issues, laptops also have a trackpad as opposed to a mouse. A branded usb mouse and mousepad can make laptop work much more efficient, especially if your work involves extensive spreadsheets.

Arrow Promotional Mouse Pad

Phone Stands

A phone stand like this makes your cell phone appear more like a desk phone. It props up the phone so you can see who is calling without picking the phone up. It also helps multi tasking- if you are in a video conference, you can go hands free so you can take notes on your computer or your notebook while still being present in the meeting. Pick one that stands up on your desk or clips right on to your screen monitor, which ever makes sense for you! 

Phone Stand on Table Arrow Promotional
Phone Clip on Computer Screen Arrow Promotional

Chair Cushions

If you are not usually working from home, chances are you don't have an office set up. You are probably using a chair from a kitchen table which is probably making your back miss your office.  A good office chair is not only good for your posture but it reduces the number of breaks you need to take due to being uncomfortable. If your company is only remote temporarily, your employees probably won't invest in an expensive chair but you can make them more comfortable with these chair cushions. These chair cushions are made of  memory foam, making them ideal for back support. 

Arrow Promotional Chair Pillow 2
Arrow Promotional Chair Pillow

Desk Sets

There are some office essentials that people don't keep in their homes. This desk set covers some of those essentials that you might not think about. This set includes scotch tape dispenser, stapler, pens, pen holder, and desk organizer packaged in a gift box. The gift box can even be repurposed as storage or a makeshift laptop desk.   

Work from Home Desk Set-Arrow Promotional

Exercise Equipment

Along with offices, many gyms are closed as well and many people are trying to stay active at home. Between workout studios doing online live workouts and fitness businesses offering free workout plants, fitness is becoming more and more accessible throughout this pandemic. Go the extra step and send your employees branded workout gear! Yoga mats, resistance bands, workout gear-there are plenty of options for every budget!

Exercise Bands on door-Arrow Promotional


A big part of working from home is knowing when to take a break. Puzzles have been becoming a super popular way to unwind from work and the stress of COVID-19. Puzzles are also a great way to give children who are home from school something to do while you are on work calls. Puzzles can be customized with any graphic you'd like. Some ideas we like include a puzzle of your logo, a photo of your company, or the skyline of your company's headquartered city.

Custom Puzzle-Arrow Promotional

If you are not used to working from home, it can be a challenge but there are also many benefits. Working from home gives employees more flexibility while eliminating office distractions, plus the change of environment can be beneficial for creativity. Some even think this temporary situation could change how we work long term. Giving your employees items like these will give your employees the tools they need to succeed during the pandemic and after!  

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