Our Favorite Projects of 2019

Throughout 2019 we have worked on many notable projects with clients--projects ranging from new hire kits to phone accessories, and even branded team apparel. Among the vastly different projects we have worked on, there are a few that stuck out to us for various reasons. 

We asked Arrow Promotional employees what their favorite project of the year was and why. Here’s what they had to say:



Numerix Event Display Items

Background/Context: Our client had originally come to us with the intention of purchasing eye-catching, yet useful items for their upcoming exhibition at a corporate event.

Process: Numerix had voiced their budget and their intentions to stick to on-brand designs. I created an elaborate presentation to them, pitching various ideas that would fit their needs and exceed expectations.

Result: We made a trade show backdrop display, pens, and stress balls.

Why did you enjoy this project?:  Numerix has been a client of ours for years now and they are always a joy to work with. It was great to be able to effortlessly communicate with them to provide them with the products they were hoping for. 

Numerix Tradeshow Display Banner
Jennifer Vice President

Jennifer, Vice President:

PAE Corporate Store

Background/Context: Our client initially came to us with intentions to buy various items they could distribute to recipients over a long period of time. 

Process: Knowing our clients’ intentions to distribute the promotional products over multiple years, we had proposed a relatively new concept to our client - a corporate store. This would mean that PAE would order various custom products in bulk, and said products would be kept at Arrow Promotional, and sent out directly to its recipient when needed. I compiled a presentation containing various products PAE would want to include in their store, and reasons why these may be great to include. Our client essentially loved the idea, and we quickly got started on bringing this idea to life.

Result:  Ultimately, our client chose various branded items including drinkware, apparel, backpacks, coolers, umbrellas and more. They absolutely loved  the way everything came out and can't wait to utilize the store going forward.​​

Why did you enjoy this project?: I loved this project because it was different from my usual project. I’ve had this idea to organize a corporate store with clients for a while, and with PAE's interests and needs, this seemed like the perfect time to do so. 

PAE Promotional Items
Jenna Sales Manager

Jenna, Sales Manager

​​NewsCorp CFO Gift

Background/Context: Client was looking for a few custom branded items to give as a gift to their executives. They wanted sleek, useful items that accurately represented their brand. 

Process: Our client came to me with a large budget and an open mind, trusting my experience and expertise. I created an elaborate presentation so they could visualize the potential items they would purchase. I also had samples sent to them to help them narrow down their choices. After getting their feedback, we were able to choose 6 items that would together make the gift.

Result: We created a leather covered notebook, portable charger, canvas tote, hat and a box of chocolate candies. 

Why did you enjoy this project?: This project very enjoyable to work on, mostly because the client was so pleasant to communicate with and also because they had a large budget, meaning more possibilities. They always gave timely responses and had a solid idea of what they were looking for so decisions were made effortlessly.

NewsCorp CFO Gift Promo Products
Madison Marketing Manager

Madison, Marketing Manager

HiBob Popsockets and Banner

Background/Context: Client came to us looking for an affordable, yet memorable item they could give away at an upcoming event. They had also expressed interest in trade show display items for their exhibit at the event.

Process: Working closely with our sales manager Jenna, we compiled a presentation consisting of mock-ups to show the client a range of products that fit their needs. 

Result: The client ultimately decided that promotional popsockets would be best to give away, as they are very popular right now and are likely to provide ideal brand exposure. In addition, the client was extremely impressed with the banner mock-up we made, and chose that item as their trade show display piece. 

Why did you enjoy this project?: What made this project so great was the client’s flexibility and openness to different products. We love to work one-on-one with our clients to find the best product for their needs. What made this project even better was when we were exhibiting at the same event as HiBob, where they gave out their popsockets. It was a pleasure to see our project implemented.

HiBob Uncubed Popsocket Banner
Hibob Popsockets
Jon Graphic Designer

Jon, Graphic Designer

Messer New Hire Kit

Background/Context: Our client was looking for a new hire kit to give new employees on their first day at the company. They wanted it to include useful items that would get new hires excited about beginning their new position. They also were looking for a kit that accurately represented their brand.

Process: I worked closely with our sales manager, Jenna (as I often do) to come up with a few products they best fit our clients’ needs. bounced a few design ideas off the client and they had been quite impressed with what I had created. Together, we decided on one and I brought it to life. 

Result: New Hire Kit for Messer including portable charger, squid cable and USB, all packaged in a customized full-color box.

Why did you enjoy this project?: This became my favorite project because the client was open to various kit designs, which was exciting because it gave me free-range to use my creativity.  

Messer cord tech usb charger
Naomi Marketing Coordinator

Naomi, Marketing Coordinator

Wynn's 80th Anniversary Set 

Background/Context: Wynns came to us looking for useful and vibrant promotional products to commemorate their 80th anniversary.

Process: Our client, ITW Professional Automotive Products, wanted a highly customized backpack and a few tech items to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Wynn’s Racing. They wanted the backpack to feature a full-color image of the Wynn’s logo and car, so working closely with Jon our graphic designer, we were able to come up with a design our client loved.

Result: We created 3 pieces: A backpack, headphones, and Bluetooth wireless speaker.

Why did you enjoy this project?: This client knew what they were looking for, which expedited the process and made finding the right products simple and fun. 

wynns 80th backpack headphones speaker logos
wynns 80th backpack custom full color

It is clear that there have been a handful of projects that made a lasting impression on Arrow employees in 2019. What’s even better is that we know our clients feel the same about the way their projects turn out, too. Visit our testimonials page to read some feedback that came directly from our clients themselves. 

Have a promotional product idea? What are you waiting for?  Contact us to get started today and maybe you’ll be featured on our Favorite Projects of 2020 blog…

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