Top 10 Products That Caught Our Eye at the 2020 PPAI Expo

PPAI EXPO favorite  products

A group of select Arrow employees attended the PPAI Expo a few weeks ago and to say they learned a lot would be an understatement.  PPAI is the longest-running, best-attended, biggest promotional products event in the industry. At the event, attendees see first-hand the most popular current and upcoming promotional product trends.

We saw hundreds of amazing products that are changing the industry and improving the way we use promotional products to promote clients' brands. A few products stuck out to us, and our industry expertise tells us they're going to be very popular this year. Keep on reading to find out the top 10 Products at PPAI that we anticipate will be very popular this year--you don't want to miss this!​​

Product 1: Custom iPhone Accessories

Definitely be on the lookout for Promotional iPhone Accessories, for they will be gaining even more popularity this year.

These custom Instagram Bluetooth Earpods were on display at PPAI and we are certainly fans of this product. You can customize the packaging, earpods themselves, as well as an imprint on the case.

These are great for total branding. As people try and give nice gifts for holiday gifts- airpods are a great way to say thank you to your higher end client- they will definitely use them.    

instagram ear buds

Product 2: Custom Bags and Stylish Accent Zippers

This trend quickly caught our eye at PPAI and we are all about it! Check out these custom bags with stylish accent zippers--a unique and fun way to promote your brand.

Custom zippers really make a bag different- we had no idea there was so much you could do with such an old-fashioned concept.

When you want your standard bag to stand out, adding a funky zipper would be a great way to do that. Plus these bags are made in the USA! 

custom fashionable zipper

Product 3: Custom Shoes and Matching Socks

Promotional shoes are quickly gaining more popularity, and we confirmed this at PPAI. Who doesn't want to flaunt their brand on their go-to shoes?

We know these are going to be popular because of how you can present them. This company provides custom boxes and can package socks and  shoes together- giving it a nice presentation style. 

Our sales manager Jenna had some awesome feedback about these: "This booth was really cool-- the shoe and sock combo ideas that people have come up with are amazing and so unique!"

One way to best use this item would be to provide shoes like these to employees or clients for a yearly charity run. Who needs any more t-shirts anyway?

branded sneakers boots

Product 4: Seriously Soft Pantone Matched Shirts

We are obsessed with these custom Pantone-matched tees made from recycled beechwood. The pulp production is self-sufficient, which makes these tees sustainable, eco-friendly, and SO soft!

These are going to be popular because companies are getting tired of putting their custom color logo on a white t-shirt--or even worse, settling for an inaccurate color because their brand cannot be matched with the available color choices.

 These shirts give you the ability to show off your brand's custom color without sacrificing comfort.   

brand color matched Pantone t-shirt shirt

Product 5: Full-Color Yoga Mats

At PPAI, we saw just how much traction yoga mats are gaining as valuable promotional products. These custom yoga mats are a great way to promote company sponsored events, health and exercise.

As companies are  starting to focus on the health and wellbeing of their employees by providing lunch yoga workouts, there is an increase in demand for custom mats.

 These specific mats can be dye sublimated, which is a process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. This means you can show off your brand using exact brand colors and logos.

full color branded yoga mats

Product 6: Wireless Multi-Charging Devices

No one needs to just plug in their phone anymore. Bedside tables are starting to look like wire traps: if you reach for the wrong cord, the entire set up could tumble over. Even worse yet, all cords look the same! 

That's why we're so excited about these products we saw at PPAI--Wireless Multi-Charging Devices.

These multi-port wireless charging devices are going to change all that. One for your bedside table, and you can charge your airpods, watch and phone (either flat or at an angle). The best part is all devices charge wirelessly- so no more cords.

branded multi charging wireless

Product 7: Sustainable Bento Boxes

It's all about the sustainable lunch boxes. We saw so many at the show but our favorite was the bamboo fiber stackable lunch box (pictured on second shelf from the top)- it comes with a fork, knife and spoon, as well as the bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board.

 This is going to be popular because it’s going to help cut down on a lot of food waste, plus the material themselves are recyclable and sustainable. 

The laser engraving on the bamboo top has a large area that can be customized, and the bamboo looks very luxurious with the logo cut-outs, giving these a premium feel at a great price point. 

reusable lunch box bamboo

Product 8: Unique Kits

We love a good kit- mostly because people get so imaginative with the ideas. They are highly customizable and there really are no limits when it comes to creativity.

 We couldn't get enough of these when we saw them at PPAI! The set pictured contains pens as fries, a bun notebook, and a custom hamburger headphone case. 

This kind of kit that would end up all over social media, which is why these clever new hire kits are going to be so popular this year!

not so burger kit custom made

Product 9: ​​Custom Mints

Custom mint tins have been a popular promotional product for decades, but what's special about the ones we saw at PPAI is that not only is the tin customized, the mints are too! We absolutely love this idea because these mints can be any shape you can imagine to accurately promote your brand.

Shape your mints according to the product that you are selling, words that you would use to describe your company, or even your logo!

We know these are going to be way more popular than the standard promotional mint tin. 

promotional mints custom shape size

Product 10: ​​ Branded Phone Cases

Popsockets knew what they were doing when they partnered with Otterbox. They designed a case that is not so bulky you can put it in your pocket- and made a divot so it doesn’t catch on your pants. While at PPAI, we noticed first-hand how durable and customizable this case is, and how useful it can be.

Putting one of these phone cases on a company provided phone will be a great way to save your new hire from having to purchase their own sub-par case, giving your employees a nice gift while protecting your assets with a Otterbox strong case.   

logo business brand phone case

At PPAI, we had the chance to get a sneak peak at the upcoming trends in the promotional product industry. Now, we gave YOU the inside look into what's going to be big and trending this year.

Like what you see? Each and every one of these products can be custom made for your business through Arrow Promotional. Contact us for all your promotional product needs!

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