Trendy Earth Day Essentials

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Celebrate Earth Day with These Eco-Friendly Products

Earth day is quickly approaching and what better way to celebrate our Earth than with eco-friendly promotional products? Improve your marketing strategy by not only caring for the environment, but also demonstrating your values to clients and customers. We’re featuring 6 products that will help you kickstart or continue your efforts toward a sustainable lifestyle. 

#1 Reusable Straws

Banning plastic straws quickly became one of the biggest trends of 2018. Many food and beverage establishments have been jumping on board. Amtrak, Shake shack, starbucks and more have started phasing out plastic straws and implementing alternatives. One environmentally friendly alternative that we have been making for clients are paper straws. Paper straws are biodegradable, so they break down much faster than plastic and therefore are much less harmful to our oceans.

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#2 Stone Paper Notebook

Jot down some notes in a customized Stone Paper Notebook! It goes without saying that the notebook is an office necessity. The typical notebook promotes productivity at work, organization and creativity; but this particular notebook also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. It contains durable cardboard covers (front and back) and holds 60 pages of lined stone paper held together with a black metal spiral binding. The paper is made out of natural stones, so it does not harm trees and creates less waste than the average notebook paper. Customize these notebooks with your logo to show how you support the planet this Earth Day.

#3 Reusable Totes

Supermarkets all over the United States are eliminating plastic bags as an attempt to focus on sustainability and prevent waste. Trader Joe’s was one of these markets to make the switch from plastic to paper bags. Throughout the 2019 year they plan to eliminate more than 1 million pounds of plastic from their stores. One way you can support this eco-friendly movement is with promotional reusable totes! Reusable totes are a zero-waste product that allow you to carry your items from place to place and ensure you’re treating the earth with the respect it deserves. The tote pictured is 85% recycled from plastic bottles!

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<img src=“BambooJerseyCottonQuarterZip.jpg” alt=“Bamboo pullover” title=“eco friendly bamboo pullover to celebrate earth day”>

#4 Bamboo-Made Apparel

Many businesses use promotional apparel as a way to increase brand recognition and show company spirit, but not all apparel promotes sustainable living. Synthetic fabrics like polyester require vast amounts of energy and toxic chemicals to produce--but what if we told you we had an environmentally-friendly solution? Bamboo clothing has many benefits that contribute to making it the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet. It is made from bamboo yarn which makes it renewable and biodegradable.

#5 Sprout Pencil

Instead of throwing your pencil stubs away, you can now plant them to grow into delicious herbs, vegetables and flowers. These sprouting pencils are an awesome way to recycle an everyday item. Using these pencils help reduce waste and increase natural plant growth!

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<img src=“plant-a-seed-bookmark.jpg” alt=“Eco Friendly Bookmark Plant-A-Seed” title=“eco friendly bookmark Plant-A-Seed to celebrate earth day”>

#6 Plant-A-Shape Bookmark

Save your place in your latest book with these unique bookmark planters! Each bookmark holds shaped seeded paper to promote growth of wildflowers and spruce trees. Show clients, attendees and coworkers how much you care for the Earth when you make this a promotional product for your business.

Looking for even more ways to make your business more sustainable? Check out our Celebrating Earth Day blog for more tips on how you can become eco-friendly at your office.

You don’t need Earth Day as a reason to buy and use sustainable products! We provide useful promotional products that are mindful of the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) every day!

Contact us today to get eco-friendly products for your brand.

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