How to Celebrate Earth Day at Your Office

How to Celebrate Earth Day at Your Office

For 47 years, Earth Day has been a way we can show awareness and appreciation for the environment — the one thing we ALL share. Here are some tips on how to celebrate:

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  1. Make the most out of your commute. Cars release approximately 333 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. Buses emit only 20% as much carbon monoxide per passenger mile as a single-occupant automobile and trains emit nearly 100% less hydrocarbons and carbon monoxides. So, riding public transit conserves natural resources, reduces air pollution and harmful ozone levels.
    Here’s to tip to help: Use public transit to commute to work or have employees work from home to do your part in reducing air pollution.Arrow Promotional_Earth Day_Reuse
  2. Reuse. Our plastic usage is a huge environmental problem that can easily be resolved. Americans spend about $5/week on bottled water, which means you can save $260/year by switching to a reusable water bottle. Plastic bag usage also adds to this issue– annually, approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide and more than one million bags are used every minute.
    Here’s a tip to help: Provide employees with reusable tote bags to initiate change.Arrow Promotional_Earth Day_Power Down
  3. Power Down. As many as half of all office workers in America who use a PC don’t shut it down at the end of the day, which wastes 20 tons of CO2 per year. Not shutting down also wastes money and is bad for your computer.
    Here’s a tip to help: When you go home to rest, give your electronics a rest too! Make the small effort to turn off your computer, lights, and anything else with an off switch.  
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  4. Make sustainability part of your company mission. Not only will you be decreasing the negative impact you make on our planet, but being environmentally-friendly also gives your company a more positive reputation that can drive sales. For example, more than half of consumers prefer to buy from companies with strong environmental reputations.
    Here’s a tip to help: Look to companies that have been named leaders in going green such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Hershey for ideas and inspiration.Arrow Promotional_Earth Day_Volunteer
  5. Volunteer. If it is not possible to change certain company processes, then donate your time instead. Plan a day to volunteer as a company–you can find some opportunities here. Not only is this a great way to celebrate earth day, but also a great way to bond with your colleagues.
    Here’s a tip to help: Make a volunteer day a fun company initiative. Consider planning this on a work day as a way to give your employees a break from office life. Give out branded tee shirts to your employees to wear while volunteering, as a way to show company pride.

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