Trending Promotional Products of 2019

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Kick it up a notch in 2019!
Gain brand visibility while keeping up with today's trends:

2019 has finally arrived, and with a new year comes new trends, technologies and innovations. Lucky for you, we’ve made comprehensive list of all things trending in the promotional product industry for 2019. These trending items will help you win over prospective (and maintain current) customers. Since they will display your logo, the trending products will not only grab others’ attention because of its popularity, but will also promote your company.

So without further adieu, we present to you the trending promotional products of this year:

<img src=“wireless.jpg” alt=“branded wireless earbuds” title=“branded bluetooth earbuds”>
<img src=“arrowairpods.jpg” alt=“Branded customized wireless bluetooth earphones” title=“Arrow Promotional Airpods”>

#1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Air Pods were a trending gift in the 2018 holiday season, and they created a huge social media buzz. These wireless bluetooth earbuds will continue to increase in popularity throughout 2019.  They serve as a fabulous higher-end gift and will certainly impress the gift recipients. Headphones have always been a popular promo item, but the bluetooth and wireless features takes these to the next level.

#2 Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a relatively new function for today’s most popular smartphones and a feature that is expected to become very popular very soon. Stay on top of what’s trendy in phone technology and incorporate wireless charging into your marketing strategy. How might this be possible? With promotional products of course! This wireless power bank in particular can help fuel your phone and promote your brand at the same time. It has both a USB charging port in addition to its wireless charging feature which allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

<img src=“Trafalgarwirelesscharger.jpg” alt=“Trafalgar custom logo Wireless Charger for Smartphones” title=“Trafalgar Custom Smartphone Wireless Charger”>
<img src=“wirelesschargingreceiver.jpg” alt=“give smartphones capability to charge wireless with this converter” title=“Wireless Charging Receiver Converter”>

#3 Wireless Charging Receiver

Want to incorporate wireless charging but not sure what type of phone your audience has? Lucky for you, this item solves that problem completely. When you purchase this converter, you'll be able to accommodate every smartphone user! This item features a tip that can be inserted into a smartphone charging port to enable wireless charging capability. So if a smartphone is too outdated to charge wirelessly on its own, you can give it the capability to do so.

#4 Speakers

Play your music and promote your brand with a wireless bluetooth speaker! These are one of the hottest items right now, and continue to increase in popularity. They are incredibly convenient due to their small size, and they make fabulous gift and giveaway items. Don't forget to order your very own before your next event or any other occasion!

<img src=“CNwirelessspeaker.jpg” alt=“Cartoon Network Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Smartphones” title=“Cartoon Network Smartphone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker”>
<img src=“Vossreusablestraw.jpg” alt=“Voss Eco-Friendly Reusable Metal Straw” title=“Voss Reusable Metal Straw”>

#5 Eco—friendly R​​​​eusable Straws

In 2018, more and more businesses eliminated the use of plastic straws and implemented the use of reusable straws. This environmentally-friendly trend has continued into 2019, as reusable straws become increasingly popular. These straws are beneficial to the environment because they create less waste and pose very minimal threat to wildlife. Branded reusable straws are not only a great way to follow the newest trends, but they also send a message to consumers that your business is making an ecological effort of sustainability.

#6 Scrunchies

If you didn’t know already, scrunchies are back IN! The timeless hair-tie is useful for creaseless updo hairstyles. For many people with long locks, scrunchies are a go-to way to tie back hair. They create brand visibility through a practical, useful item that is part of many people’s everyday routine.

<img src=“Arrow scrunchie.jpg” alt=“Arrow Promotional custom logo branded scrunchie promotional product” title=“Arrow Logo Scrunchie”>
<img src=“WileyOnboardingKit.jpg” alt=“Wiley Onboarding Kit for New Hires New Employees Logo Branded Custom” title=“Wiley Custom Logo Onboarding Kit”>

#7 Onboarding Kits

Onboarding kits are packages of company swag that are given to new employees when they start at an organization. They are becoming more popular, and more elaborate, as company culture becomes more and more important in our society. These kits can include anything from branded apparel to tech gadgets and everything in between! Onboarding kits are a great way to make your new employees feel welcome.

#8 Travel Bundles

Travel bundles are kits containing several travel-related products. These products are customized with a company’s logo, and are meant to flaunt your brand on-the-go. Travel bundles give your company the opportunity to gain brand exposure in new and different locations!

<img src=“TravelocityTravelBundle.jpg” alt=“Travelocity custom logo travel bundle gift” title=“Travelocity Logo Branded Travel Bundle”>
<img src=“PantoneCoralRobe.jpg” alt=“Pantone Coral Customized Logo Robe” title=“Pantone Coral Robe Custom Product”>

#9 Pantone Color of the Year Products

Pantone announced that their 2019 Color of the Year is  Living Coral (16-1546). Pantone describes the color as "inspires experimentation and playful expression," which we love here at Arrow Promotional. Ask us how you can incorporate the color of the year into your swag! 

#10 Bespoke Products

Customization is all the rage! Customize your promos to the next level with products that are molded to whatever exemplifies your brand the most. For example, the package pictured includes a molded power bank (popsicle), charging squid cable (sunglasses), and USB drive (flipflop). Think outside the box--even down to the box the products come in! Custom packaging adds an extra pizzazz to your gift.

Custom Bespoke Power Bank Charging Cable and USB Drive

These items are sure to grab the attention of prospective clients and customers, but they are just a step in the right direction. There are countless promotional products to choose from that can take your business to the next level. Need some guidance deciding which promotional products are right for you? Contact us and we will work closely with you to get exactly what you're looking for based on goals, needs, budget, and timeline.

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