Company Initiatives: The Benefits of Volunteering as a Company

Arrow Promotional Company Volunteering Day of Service

Volunteering proven to be is rewarding, informative, and even life-changing—however there tends to be a misconception that voluntary work can only be done outside of a 9-5 job. However, there are actually tons of benefits to volunteering with coworkers during the work week.

Here’s why volunteering as a business team is a smart move :

Cultivates good relations

Believe it or not, dedicating time and efforts to worthy causes fosters strong relationships within a company and their surrounding community. It helps create room for workplace fluidity and also gives you a chance to form connections with your community. Volunteering as a company creates cohesion and provides others with the opportunity to work together to contribute to a greater good. This responsively builds a culture founded on strong and common values, which is invaluable to your workplace and community.

Enhances the public’s perspective of your business

Company volunteering efforts help the general public formulate positive feelings toward a business. Volunteering informs people that the business not only dedicates their time to “doing good”, but also that they instill values deeper than just generating profit. this, in turn, helps a business’s overall image. According to Unilever, 33% of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. This is proof that people invest in businesses that support worthy causes because they can see their intentions are pure.

Boosts company morale

Companies oftentimes make an effort to incorporate excitement into everyday work projects, because it tends to enhance one’s attitude toward working. When employees are excited to work, they stay motivated and essentially produce higher-quality work. Volunteering is a perfect way to increase employees’ workday outlook. It provides wonderful opportunities to boost company morale, while also getting out of the office for a few hours.

Helps generate ROI

Engaging in volunteer opportunities goes far beyond self-satisfaction. Since these efforts help improve spirits within the office, work is produced in a more efficient and effective manner. This, correspondingly, results in higher profit margins—creating a positive impact on revenue. The minimal investment in helping out a cause can benefit a company’s success as a business overall.

Societal impact

Amidst all the reasons volunteering can help a business, the impact it has on society may be the most significant. Volunteering helps and supports a greater cause, therefore, substantially improves society as a whole. Not only that, volunteering also brings individuals of all kinds of backgrounds together, contributing to a societal harmony. The efforts may seem minor but even minor efforts go a long way. If everyone contributed even a few hours a week to volunteering, the world would be facing fewer adversities. And that’s why we’re encouraging businesses to donate their time to worthy causes.

In honor of 9/11 National Day of Service, we decided to volunteer by dedicating our time and efforts to help City Harvest: New York’s largest food rescue organization.  We had a uplifting and rewarding experience assisting in the distribution of 18,000 pounds of produce to those in need.  Arrow Promotional considers company initiatives a priority, and you should too! Take a look at the fun we had!

Arrow Promotional Company Volunteering Day of Service 1Arrow Promotional Company Volunteering Day of Service 2Arrow Promotional Company Volunteering Day of Service 3

As you can see, engaging in company volunteer initiatives positively impacts businesses, employees, and communities in a variety of ways—but more importantly than that, volunteering impacts society indefinitely. Now it’s your chance to dedicate some time to a larger cause. Share your volunteer experiences with us on social media by using hashtag #ArrowHelps. We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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