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Clever Event Swag Ideas For 2018

Event swag is a valuable marketing tool that is always well–received and sought after. If you provide an item that is thoughtful and well–matched to your target audience, it will be frequently used and offer a constant reminder of the company that kindly gifted it to them. If, on the other hand, you provide an item that is commonplace or old and tired, it may not be an effective use of your resources. Even on a limited budget, there are many great and affordable options to be had.

Lots of traditional event swag items have been reinvented to offer a modern or new twist on popular items. Here are the key trends we are seeing in the event promotional space and some ideas for the types of items you may want to invest in for 2018.

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This article was written in collaboration with our partner, Event Manager Blog. This post originally appeared on their website on September 21, 2017, titled “Try These Clever Swag Ideas For 2018.” 

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