Fun Events You Can Host on Campus That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

As an ambitious student leader, you’re likely charged with planning events. And in an effort to do something local and inexpensive, you’ve probably been keeping it simple — like sticking to standard panels, and end-of-semester club formals. Those events are fine, but why not try something new when coordinating large-scale occasions and smaller meet-ups? We all know free food and great swag get people to show up, but offering an experience that hasn’t been done before will get your peers even more pumped and eager to attend. Here’s [sic] a few creative formats you can use when hosting your next event, with photos and ideas from our very own previous FindSpark Campus Ambassadors.

Industry-Specific Conference or Training

There are the standard pieces that this great: discussions, peer-to-professional networking, workshops, and more. But customizing the experience adds a special touch, so use our FindSpark Fashion Conference run-of-show for inspo, so you can hit the ground running, and be sure to tag appropriate participate to connect with as many people online, as you meet in person.

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Wadnes Castelly of Rutgers University used Twitter as a means to promote his involvement with various events, like the Campus Ambassador Training and Young Pro Bootcamp!

Comedy Show

There’s nothing like easing school stress with a few laughs. The much-needed study break will be exactly what people need to make it through the rest of the week.

Craft Night

Scope out projects on Pintrest, grab supplies at a nearby crafts store, and order some pizza for what’s sure to be a fun, relaxing night in.

Professional Development Workshop

Have attendees hashtag and tag your club on social media, in thanks for giving the perfect way to get career tips, network, and unwind after a long day of classes. Make sure you bring refreshments (or a cool cake) for peers to enjoy while watching presentations, videos, or however else you choose to host this low-key, highly interactive event.

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Hannah Oh hosted a Social Media Branding workshop at Binghamton and broadcasted its success in her FindSpark Snapchat Takeover.

Midnight Breakfast

At this point in the semester, you’re either sick of dining hall food, or living off ramen noodles. And for those that don’t even bother to start their day with a good breakfast, you’ll be doing them — and your campus — a huge, hunger-satisfying favor.


Cotton candy, games, wheel of fortune, tarot readings — the list of what you can do, and how many booths you can set up, are endless. Bonus: long lines will be an opportune way for pairs and small groups to connect with one another!

Networking event with keynote speakers

Everyone wants an excuse to skip class, so give them a really good reason to ditch algebra for some Networking 101.

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Sunny Xu had major success with her Business Gala at Baruch College, which included FindSpark CEO & Founder Emily Miethner!

Game Night

When was the last time anyone you knew sat down to play a board game? If you can’t answer that, you’re long overdue to grab as many boards as possible and schedule some serious bonding time for the students that have been “too busy” to have a little fun!

Private Mentorship/Ice Cream Social

What’s sweeter than sharing career resources, meeting new people, and enjoying great ice cream? Share your experiences with attendees and encourage them to keep in touch by adding each other on LinkedIn, after the event.

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Cynthia Huasipoma shared her experiences as a FindSpark CA and Scholar by hosting an awesome mentorship event at her school Montclair State University.

Coffee House/Open Mic Night

How can anyone resist coffee in a cozy setting, with kick-ass performances, from slam poets to aspiring musicians, to liven the mood?

Basketball Tournament

Long nights at the library are energy-draining. This is the perfect activity to raise everyone’s heart rate, and get lost in a little friendly competition. Bonus if you include prizes for the winning team, like custom swag, or bulk tickets to an awesome event.

This article was written by Christina Colon in collaboration with Arrow Promotional for our partner, FindSpark. This post originally appeared on their website here on February 20, 2017.

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